Dolly Diore & Shrima Malati - Kiss Me


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    It’s already daylight as sexy revelers Dolly Diore and Shrima Malati take a taxi home from a nightclub.

    As Sandra Shine’s erotic lesbian movie "Kiss Me" begins, the lovers embrace in the backseat of the car, and then even more passionately in the elevator up to their apartment.

    Once through the front door, they make out in the hallway; Dolly unzips her sweetheart’s dress and sucks her stiff nipples greedily, and Shrima responds in kind, lavishing attention on Dolly’s beautiful breasts.

    She pushes Dolly into an armchair and straddles her face, getting fingered and licked until she’s moaning.

    Dolly laps at her tight asshole, driving her wild.

    Breathless, Shrima sits with her slender thighs spread wide and Dolly eats her pussy skilfully, giving her a mind-blowing orgasm.

    Moving to the sofa, Shrima devours Dolly, sucking her clit to send her arousal sky-high.

    Dolly quivers through peak after peak of ecstasy before they collapse in each other’s arms, blissfully sated.




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