Sex Art - Jenny Doll & Tiny Tina


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    Sexy brunette Tina Tiny and her raven-haired sweetheart Jenny Doll kiss and cuddle passionately, as Andrej Lupin’s hot lesbian movie "Join With Me" begins.

    They undress each other with delicate touches and loving smiles, Jenny’s nipples deliciously hard as Tina strokes and sucks them.

    She licks Jenny through her lace panties, then peels them off and rubs her soaked pussy, easing her fingers inside.

    After diddling her girlfriend to an intense orgasm, she tongues her clit to drive her to another even wilder one.

    Now Jenny turns her attention to Tina, spreading her long legs and fingerbanging her shaved pussy.

    Tina is already at boiling point when Jenny adds her tongue, making her climax convulsively.

    She’s not done yet, fingering Tina to another noisy orgasm, then lying back so Tina can straddle her face and grind to a final, mindblowing climax.




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