Sex Art - Sarah Kay & Mia Trejsi


  • 上傳 2 個月 前 在分類: US&EU

    Cute brunette Sarah Kay is listening to old mixtapes, as Andrej Lupin’s hot lesbian movie "Feel The Beat" begins.

    Stretched out on the bed in lacy lingerie, she wiggles her sexy ass and swishes her long ponytail, unaware she’s being watched by her girlfriend.

    Raven-haired beauty Mia Trejsi jumps on the bed and grabs Sarah, squeezing her ass and peppering it with kisses, tugging her panties aside to stroke her pussy.

    Sarah giggles and gasps with pleasure as her pigtailed sweetheart sucks her hard nipples and fingerbangs her to a powerful orgasm.

    Catching her breath, Sarah flips Mia onto her back, lavishing attention on her gorgeous breasts and fingering her shaved pussy, then eating her voraciously.

    Mia rocks her hips up to grind against Sarah’s tongue, quivering through an intense climax.

    Sarah sits astride Mia’s face as she diddles her until they each reach another peak of bliss.




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