Exploited College Girls - Nicole Auclair


  • 上傳 8 個月 前 在分類: US&EU

    Nerd alert! Yeah but it’s a nerd alert in every great possible way you can image.

    So humor me here a bit and close your eyes and envision you’re sitting at home playing your favorite computer game with your “joystick” in hand.

    Ok I’ll bet most, if not all, of you are actually sitting at home, or you’re in the bathroom at work, with your pants around your ankles and you’ve all got a firm grip on your “joystick” or “fun gun” ready to blast off to a galaxy far far away.

    Oh and yes, the Star Wars themed dialogue was intentional because you see today’s super horny and over-sexed nerd on our bed is 24-year-old Nicole Auclair and I’m here to tell you the cosplay / nerd convention circuit / video gamer world will never be the same...




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