Exploited College Girls - Jasmine Wilde


  • 上傳 8 個月 前 在分類: US&EU

    “Damn girl, that walk up and those titties bouncing with your panties showing and that dress hiked up so high.

    Em, Em, Em,” is right says Jake Adams of today’s exploit who is just so excited to be here.

    We’re excited for you Jasmine Wilde and I don’t think we’ve ever had such an enthusiast girl who just can’t wait to take her clothes off and suck someone’s, anyone’s dick more than this girl.

    I’m surprised she didn’t get molested walking thru the pool area of the hotel on her way to the front lobby dressed like that.

    But don’t worry Jasmine, if you want a stranger to grope and fondle your eager and willing body look no further than self-admitted pervert Jake who leaped from the back seat to greet our honey...




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