Mylf X Mandy Flores - Sexbot Housewife


  • 上傳 8 個月 前 在分類: US&EU

    Scene 1: Housewife Mandy is visited by a next door neighbor to help with headaches she has been having.

    She agrees to be put in a trance to help with her headaches.

    She begins by sitting with the neighbor and staring at a crystal.

    As she continues to stare, she slowly becomes mindless and blankly continues to stare into the crystal.

    She nods her head and blinks once, then stares entranced looking at the camera, then she says: “Yes Master”.

    She removes all clothes and Housewife Mandy speaks the mantra, “I will serve and obey you, Master.

    I will obey your commands, Master.

    Yes, my trigger word is ‘blue bell tower’.” She states that she loves to be in a trance.

    The husband will be home soon, so he has her address, but has set the stage for another visit.




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